One of the main goals we have here at Food Matters Market is to support local farmers, and to provide our customers with as many local products as possible.

Upon walking through our doors, a wide selection of locally-harvested items will catch your eye. Nearly 100% of our produce is provided by local farmers throughout our region. You will find jars of local honey in our stores, which is especially known for its capabilities of abating and preventing the annoyance of seasonal allergies, which most of us North 10577041_358482660967455_2217975959255257693_nCarolinians are so susceptible to. Our meat counter is filled with an array of various types of fresh meat, many of which are also provided by local farms. The dairy cooler, here at our market, is perhaps the most popular department. We acquire our vast array of eggs from a few different local farmers, whom you will occasionally spot in the store, hand-delivering their fresh eggs with a smile. The dairy cooler also houses a wide selection of local milk, some which is even non-homoginized.

So – on to the burning question – WHY does LOCAL MATTER?

1. Freshness. Locally-grown produce undergoes much shorter time and travel from its farm to your table. Some of the produce in conventional grocery stores can be traced back to a farm that is thousands of miles away from your home. Also, when food is in its freshest state, it is more nutritious.

2. Taste. You will not believe the difference in taste 10645248_379514818864239_1074443328726741072_n until you try it for yourself. I was not a firm believer in this theory until I actually experienced it first hand. I hated apples – until I tried a LOCAL apple from Food Matters Market. The difference is truly incredible.

3. Food Safety. The fewer steps between the farm and your table, the less chance there is of food contamination. When the world suffers through dangers of e.coli and salmonella outbreaks, I can rest easy, knowing exactly where my food came from and how it was grown. 577483_195029003979489_169465112_n

4. Land Preservation. When you buy locally grown produce, you are protecting the land in your area, by helping local famers maintain their farmland in an environmentally-responsible way.

5. Energy Conservation. Supporting local farmers by purchasing their harvest decreases dependence on petroleum fuel, a non-renewable source of energy. Buying from local farms conserves energy at many levels, including distribution.

6. Economy. When you purchase a locally-farmed item, you are supporting your local economy, by assisting in the creation of new jobs. Also, when you purchase local items, you are cutting dependence of outsourcing to corporate resources. The list could go on and on as to why LOCAL MATTERS.

Stop by Food Matters Market to taste a local product, and become a believer today!