At Food Matters Market, we take pride in supporting as many local farmers as possible. We are excited to announce the debut of the newest product in our dairy cooler, and from only 13 miles down the road – Cream Line Milk! Mills River Creamery specializes in providing the public with pasteurized, but non-homoginized milk. Milk

This Cream Line Milk can still be used as it was in the old days. Before we began to process and industrialize milk, our ancestors would store their milk in a cool place, and wait  for the cream to rise to the top. Once the cream rose to the top of the container, the thick goodness was used for making fresh butter, and for baking things like pies and cakes. Of coarse, you can just shake or stir the cream back into skim milk, and consume it in the same way you would consume any other type of milk from the store.

Milk needs to be kept as cold as possible to have the best taste and quality. Mills River Creamery recommends that you keep your refrigerator set at 36 degrees. Please stop by the Market, and make our newest product feel welcome – TODAY!

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