Tuesday, September 13 at 2pm

at the Brevard Store

Join Jon R Green, President of Encompass Advisors, a fee-only fiduciary advisor in Brevard. Jon is a CFP, CPA and attorney with an MBA in finance and more than 35 years experience in finance and investments for this workshop, designed to provide investors with a thorough awareness and understanding of critical issues they should know in making investment decisions and/or working with an investment advisor.

Please contact Carissa Praytor with any questions at (828)884-8840.

Investment Secrets
Topics for this workshop include: 

  • Education and Background 
  • The SEC & FINRA Websites 
  • Don’t Ignore Basic Signs 
  • Compensation and Fees (Wholesalers, Trips,12(B)1 Fees, Revenue Sharing)
  • Commission vs. Fee Based vs. Fee Only Advisors
  • The 1933 Securities Act and The 1940 Investment Advisor Act
  • Legally the Client’s Best Interest Does Not Come First
  • Fiduciary Advisors
  • Analysts – What Do They Really Know
  • Municipal Bonds and The Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT)
  • Mutual Fund Share Classes
  • Mutual Fund Breakpoints
  • Specific Cost Basis Identification
  • How to Really Evaluate a Mutual Fund
  • Value vs. Growth
  •  Bond Prices and Bond Funds
  • Index Funds
  • Annuities
  • Proper Disclosure (Transparency)
  • Suitability Issues