Thursday, September 15 at 3pm
Brevard Store

Explore this great workshop at our Brevard Store with Jon R Green, President of Encompass Advisors, a fee-only fiduciary advisor in Brevard. Jon is a CFP, CPA and attorney with an MBA in finance and more than 35 years experience in finance and investments. Please contact Carissa Praytor with any questions at (828)884-8840.

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Inside the Yield Curve

This workshop takes the mystery out of bonds: it covers everything you have never understood about bonds.

Treasury, TIPS (Treasury Inflation Protected Securities), federal agency, municipal, corporate and zero-coupon bonds will be discussed.

Specifically, topics covered include: why a US Treasury Bond has a high degree of interest rate risk; the relationship between the “Fed”, interest rates, bond yields and bond prices; what is a bond’s coupon rate, yield-to-maturity, yield-to-call and tax-equivalent yield; how the Eurodollar interest rate futures markets are an indication of future interest rates and why bond mutual funds may or may not be the best investment.

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