Thanks for Supporting Buttons for Charity!

When you bring your own reusable bag for your groceries – everyone wins! Our Buttons for Charity program is a simple way that Food Matters Market & Cafe and our customers can support the environment as well as our community. Here’s how it works!

  • Bring in a reusable bag for your groceries.
  • We have a variety of jars featuring local charities.
  • The cashier gives you a button to put in the jar of your charity of choice.
  • Each button is worth $.05. Totals for each charity are tabulated throughout the year.
  • Once a year Food Matters Market & Cafe makes a donation to the charities in the amount of the total button collection.

It’s Good to Reuse!
We know you’ll agree that reusable bags are the best – not only in the spirit of supporting our local charities, but also for our environment! Plus, they’re more durable and reliable with less litter and clean-up in the community!

While we use paper bags at our stores which are biodegradable and more widely recycled, reusable grocery bags still save big on energy which is a huge win for the environment! This includes saving on the energy to manufacture and transport the paper bags!

When it comes to reusable grocery bags, don’t let the fun stop with us! Reusable grocery bags instead of plastic are crucial for the environment. An estimated 500 billion to 1 trillion plastic bags are used each year and they’re impacting oceans, soil, animals, and rivers. Plastic bags are one of the top ten most common objects found in oceans and on beaches.

Thanks for joining in the fun and toting your bag when you shop. We love joining with you to give back to our community and taking small actions that collectively can make a big impact!