As we ring in this time of resolutions and change, we’d like to offer some simple considerations to shift your new year in a positive direction. Nothing too dramatic or painful… but easy changes you may keep in mind that can really make a difference.

Bring Your Own Bag and Support Local Charities
Have you heard the word? When you bring your own bag to our store, you get a button to put in the jar of your favorite featured local charity. Each button is worth 5 cents. We collect buttons all year long and at the end of the year, we tally them up and send each charity a check. And of course… it’s also a good deal for the environment!  

Turn Up the Volume on Your Organic Intake
Whether you are a committed consumer of organic products or new to the whole organic scene, it’s fun to consider how to expand your organic intake. Are there are few food items or products where you are not eating organic and you can make the switch?  

While many of us have our own first hand experience of the benefits of eating organic, Time Magazine boasts these science-based facts. They say, when we eat organic, we consume not only fewer pesticides but also fewer heavy metals. Also, they report that organic meat, milk and products can have about 50% more omega-3 fatty acids than conventional products. Also, some organic products have higher anti-occident count. For example, researchers found that organic onions had about a 20% higher antioxidant content.  

Drink More Water You are what you drink, and drinking more quality water, especially in these cold winter months when we tend to forget, is a great way to reap health benefits. Food Matters Market bottled water is sourced and bottled locally – a double benefit – being assured of a quality product while also supporting our community!  

Try a New Local Product The new year is a great time to freshen things up and try new things. So as we swing into the 2018, why not try a new local product? Perhaps find a new recipe featuring some local produce? Or have a movie night and munch on some Roots Hummus or Chad’s Carolina Corn?  Or maybe indulge in a warm comfort evening by the fire and dive into a Madison’s Pot Pie!  

And don’t forget, seniors save 10% every Wednesday!  

No matter what simple, healthy changes you invoke this year… we here at Food Matters Market are cheering for you! Thanks for being a part of our community and have a happy, healthy New Year!