As Thanksgiving Day draws closer, it’s hard not to think about the holiday feast. Now that we’ve become more conscious in our health and food choices, these changes rattle through our families and lives and into our holiday traditions.

It’s not easy to be conscious of your health and eat well over the holidays. But hopefully here at Food Matters Market we can make things just a little bit easier. We’ve started with the centerpiece of your Thanksgiving celebration – the turkey.

Celebrate this season by reserving one of our select local turkeys. These aren’t your ordinary grocery store turkey! Our turkeys have been raised in the fresh North Carolina air, are antibiotic free and have not been artificially plumped before packaging like most poultry. They are raised in a heated area when they are young and then kept on pasture and moved every few days ensuring fresh grass at all times.

We’ve done our best to bring you the highest quality this Thanksgiving. We hope you will join us in our celebration of our local community and good health.