Is Halloween on your mind?  In these more health-conscious times, some parents are turning their thoughts to healthier options for Halloween. But what to do?  Here are some ideas to get your brain crankin’ for a healthier Halloween.

Make Other Spooky Plans!
Trick-or-treating isn’t the only spooky gig in town. Check out your local haunted houses, corn mazes, costume parties or festivals.  

Set Some Boundaries
If skipping trick-or-treating just isn’t an option, consider setting some limits.  Limit the time they spend out trick-or-treating and send them off with a smaller trick-or-treat bag.  Also, consider limited candy consumption upon returning or even switching out some of the goodies for healthier treats.

Make Your Own Treats
Treats made at home are a healthier option to standard Halloween fare. Start a new Halloween tradition with some favorite healthier homemade goodies.  Here are a few ideas!

What Are You Handing out for Halloween?
Are you considering making the switch to handing out healthier Halloween goodies?  Check out our list below for a little inspiration!

  1. Glider airplanes
  2. Natural Fruit Strips
  3. Temporary Tattoos or Stickers
  4. Local Honey Sticks
  5. Snack-sized packages of pretzels, popcorn, graham crackers, dried fruit or vegetables, trail mix, nuts, or pumpkin seeds
  6. Mandarin oranges (with spooky faces drawn on if you’re inspired!)
  7. Fake mustaches
  8. Organic Candy
  9. Bubbles
  10. Spider Rings or Vampire Teeth

No matter how you celebrate this year, we’re wishing you a fun, safe & spooky Halloween!