Hot fun in the summertime is not so much fun with a sunburn! Follow these simple tips and calculate what SPF is right for you so you can keep your cool this summer.

Simply multiply the sunscreen’s SPF by the number of minutes you can stay in the sun before burning.  How long is this?

  • People with Fair Skin – up to 10 minutes

  • People with Olive Skin – up to 15 minutes

  • People with Dark Skin – up to 20 minutes

Here’s a sample calculation:

SPF 20 x 10 minutes (Fair Skin) = 200 minutes

Even with this helpful calculation still be sure to follow sun safety.  Use sunscreen as directed and don’t forget to reapply.  Remember, even with the best SPF for your skin, it’s still important to take breaks from the sun.  Find some shade or go inside for a bit.  Stay hydrated and use after-sun care items like a cooling cucumber spray, aloe gels or lotions.

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Stay safe and have fun this summer!