Did you love the movie, “The Hunger Games?” Portions of the movie were filmed in Brevard, North Carolina as they have actual tours


Photo by Ted/Flickr

to show visitors where the movie crew set up shop.

Brevard is located in Transylvania County near the Blue Ridge Mountains and has a small city population of only about 7,500 people. Yet it is starting to become one of the best places to live due to its cozy town feeling and moderate climate that makes it appealing to tourists. Unlike larger cities with a dead downtown nightlife and boarded up store fronts, Brevard still has a bustling downtown life as people shop and dine along the stores located along its main street.

Brevard promotes its outdoor recreations and proximity to the Blue Ridge Mountains to tourists. People can enjoy hiking, cycling and rock climbing to keep in shape. The town also enjoys hosting tons of festivals and events to get the community and tourists together for fun-filled days.

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