Get to know our local vendors

Local Matters at Food Matters Market. It’s our priority to partner with local farmers and businesses to provide you with fresh produce, meats & dairy as well as grocery and specialty items. Check out some of our favorite local items available in all stores.

Simo's Pasta Sauce

The Colosimo Family, from Calabria, Italy, has been making their pasta sauce recipe for generations. 100% fresh ingredients; no added sugar.

Roots Hummus

Founder Matt Paris first served his hummus at Roots Cafe in Asheville, NC, which grew by popular demand. In pursuit of harnessing the healing power in food, Roots Hummus was born.

Apple Mill Applesauce

Straight form Saluda, NC. Horticulturist, William Viner, established the Apple Mill orchard in 1927. 

Buchi Kombucha

Asheville moms came together to create kombucha the way they liked it-robust! A business rooted in “putting people, community and planet before profit.”

Blue Moon Bottled Water

Blue Moon focuses on the environmental and economic benefits of using local resources instead of transporting globally. Founded in Asheville, NC.

Out of the Blue BBQ Sauce

Owners Rob & Chris brought their love for food and experience together to launch Out Of The Blue in Asheville, NC.

Queen Charlotte Pimento Cheese

In 2014, after a decade of perfecting his recipe, John Morgan, native Charlottean, launched his product.

Uncle Scott's Root Beer

Simple, natural ingredients you can pronounce! Uncle Scott’s is a small business that keeps it simple and is USA made.

Firewalker Hot Sauce

Using small production and locally grown produce, founder Franco Donohue put his passion and high standards into creating this flavorful sauce.

Chad's Carolina Popcorn

A family business with one mission-to make the world’s best popcorn! Based in Greensboro, NC.